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Contest Domination makes it easy for bloggers and small business owners to run contests on their sites. What's more, Contest Domination has built in reader engagement tools to help you gain social media followers and grow your email subscriber list.

Contest Domination WordPress Plugin

Contest Domination is a WordPress plugin that enables website owners to create and run their own contests.

I figure there’s no better way to show off the Content Domination plugin than to use it on this site to run our own contest.  That’s exactly what we’re doing.  I’ll explain the details of our contest at the end of this post (spoiler alert! – you can win a Free copy of Contest Domination!).

How To Run a Contest With Contest Domination

Creating a contest on your site is a piece of cake with Contest Domination.  The plugin does all the heavy lifting, leaving you with tons of time to promote your contest.

It integrates with aWeber and Mailchimp so that you can grow your subscriber base with each new entry.  It also provides the option to manually add forms from other email providers if you don’t currently use aWeber or Mailchimp.

Contest Domination Plugin


Contest Domination Settings

contest domination contest settings

Contest Domination – General Settings

After installing Contest Domination you will first want to configure the settings.

The settings page allows you to essentially create a template for all future contests.  The first step is to set up the general settings:

  • Upload your logo
  • Link social media accounts
  • Link email marketing accounts
You will also set default values for contest specific fields, such as:
  • The number of entries each referral is worth
  • The number of winners per contest
  • Contest rules
Setting these default contest values will speed up the contest creation process, and is especially handy if you plan on running multiple contests.

Create Your Contest

The next step is to create a new contest.  Creating a new contest is much like creating a blog post.

contest domination new contest

Creating a new contest is as easy as creating a new post.

Start by creating a title and writing the copy for your contest.

Next, add an image of the prize you are giving away (optional).

Finally, set the contest parameters.  Here you have a chance to set the following:

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Number of entries each referral is worth
  • Number of winners
  • Contest Rules
  • Add entries to mailing list

Some of these settings also appear in the general settings page.  Settings on this page will override any of the general settings.

I strongly suggest integrating your email marketing service with Contest Domination.  After all, the point of this contest is likely to increase brand awareness and grow your subscriber base.

That’s it!  You are now ready to publish your contest.  Easy, right?

Take Your Contest Viral With Built In Sharing Tools

This is where this plugin goes from good to great.

contest domination social sharingOne of the best reasons to run a contest is to increase your brand awareness through social media.

Luckily, Contest Domination has a built in viral social media component that encourages users to share the contest with their friends through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Imagine someone enters your contest, then sends out a tweet to thousands of followers, alerting them to the contest.

Now, what if 10% of their followers enter the contest…you get the idea, right?  This is powerful stuff.

After signing up for a contest your readers will be presented with a screen that encourages them to share the contest with their friends through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or through a custom link.

The genius of this is that readers are given an incentive to share the contest because each new person who they get to enter gives them another chance to win.

Win a Copy of Contest Domination!

That’s right…we’re giving away a copy of Contest Domination!

You now understand how simple it is to create and run your own contests with Contest Domination.  You hopefully also understand how powerful the viral component of this plugin can be.

I like the Contest Domination plugin so much that for my first contest I’ve decided to give it away as the prize.

Don’t let this opportunity to get a free copy of Contest Domination pass you by.

Click here to enter the contest.

PS – Don’t want to wait till the end of the contest to get your hands on Contest Domination?   You don’t have to.  If you purchase the plugin before the end of the contest and are chosen as the winner then I’ll refund the purchase price.  All you will have to do is show me your receipt.

Contest Domination makes it easy for bloggers and small business owners to run contests on their sites. What's more, Contest Domination has built in reader engagement tools to help you gain social media followers and grow your email subscriber list.

by Andrew Blankenship

Andrew is the founder of WPSprout. He is happiest when with his family or obsessing over online marketing strategies. He has an unapologetic love for TV and Captain Crunch.

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  • its great but can u tell me some free plugins like this?

    • Sorry, suresh. I’m not aware of any free alternatives to Contest Domination at this time. They often run contests to give away this plugin over at if you want to take a crack at getting a free copy.

  • Hello,

    I am very interested in purchasing your plugin, however I have a very specific plugin in mind. I want to have people enter the competition and then “Like” on facebook or “Follow” us on twitter. With the people who do this I want to do a raffle for either an ipod or maybe even an ipad.

    Please let me know if this is possible with your plugin.

    Thank you,

    Catherine Scanes

    • Hi Catherine,

      This isn’t actually my plugin. I just provided a review of the plugin. For support and frequently asked questions you can visit the official site, here:

      Contest Domination keeps the contest contained on your own site, but it does have a viral component that encourages users to share the contest via Facebook and Twitter. What’s great about this method is that you build your email list through Contest Domination, PLUS you get some social media exposure from the folks who share the contest to increase their chances of winning.

      Here’s a great article if you decide to hold your contest on Facebook:

  • Andrew,

    I don’t think contestdomination is available as a downloadable plugin. They offer it as hosted service and not a plugin.

    Could you clarify?



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